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Agent-based modeling

LFEGame Model - The Logical View Introduction

Click to view The LFEGame Model - Logical ViewClick to view The LFEGame Model - Logical ViewWelcome to the Introduction to the first mini-book, Local Food Economy Game - Logical View, in the Local Food Economy Game Model Repository. This model will guide and constrain our design and implementation of the agent-based simulation model.

This general class model is more accurately described as a metamodel. A metamodel is a model used to build other models. That is, it is a model that prescribes how to specify models that comply with its general architecture and constraints on the relationships between allowable model elements. "Allowable" in this sense means that the element is somehow derived from and related to an element in the metamodel.

A metamodel can be used two ways. It may be used ro guide development of new models built "from scratch" as solutions to a problem or design need. Or it can be used as a specification to guide the selection of technology candidates to be used in implementation of the proposed solution. We will, for example, take each of the agent-based simulation technology platforms that Jelal has identified through his web research and assess its features and capabilities in light of its ability to express models that satisfy our metamodel.

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