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For Good Measure in Ames - CSA Research at NCRCRD

I knew we were in good shape with regard to local food economy experts here in Iowa. In addition to Jon Andelson at Grinnell College (more on his exciting work in a follow-up post), Timlynn and I were aware of the wonderful group of social action-oriented researchers at the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development at Iowa State in Ames. These folks, led by Cornelia Butler Flora and Mary Emery, are doing exciting work developing the Community Capitals Framework.

Corry Bregendahl: Assistant Scientist at the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development at Iowa State, and expert on Community Supported AgricultureCorry Bregendahl: Assistant Scientist at NCRCRDThe Community Capitals Framework is being used to structure a comprehensive set of assessment criteria to measure the asset value of various hard and soft aspect of local and regional communities. The NCRCRD staff then use this framework for applied research in support or rural economic and community development projects. To our great delight, one area of intense and on-going research is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Leading the charge forward on CSA research is Corry Bregendahl, an Assistant Scientist at the center. A recent report, Using the Community Capitals Framework to Study the Role of Collaborative Community Supported Agriculture (cCSA) in Iowa, is just one of a number of CSA-related publications that will be extremely helpful to us as we envision and evolve The Local Fold Economy Game.

As soon as it can be arranged, we're going to take Jelal on a field trip to Ames to meet with Corry and other members of the Community Capitals Framework research group as well as meet with Leigh Tesfatsion to discuss the intersection of our project with her interests in agent-based computational economics. Hopefully, we'll be able to catalyze some collaboration between Sohodojo, NCRCRD, and Professor Tesfatsion!