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My next couple days...

Having analyzed the Fairfield farmers' market, read through the three articles given to me by Jim and Timlynn, and tied up some loose ends with some postings on the website, I expect the remainder of today and tomorrow to be centered around two goals:

  • Researching and blogging about agent-based simulation platforms
  • --and--

  • Reading "Fields that Dream," "Fields of Plenty," and, as time allows, "The World is Flat." I also hope to continue with "The Story of B" at some point, but that may have to wait.


The reading you mention is good, especially the local food books we provided you at our last project meeting.

Beefing up the agent-based simulation on-line resources, especially links to relevant software technologies and interesting project experience reports, is a top priority.

As we move into building a repository of candidate role-based cognitive model "piece=parts," your developing a deeper appreciation of how such models are designed and represented will be most important to your own learning as well as to the success of this phase of the project.

I will soon post a "Why Agent-based Simlulation?" article to give some context to this next step in the Proof of Concept phase of our project. I'll also be posting some meta-model "snippets" that will help us structure the role-based and process-oriented nature of the models we'll be developing.

Keep reading, sure, but try to focus more on your exploratory learning by sniffing out the best agent-based simulation content that you can find on the Internet, and ghen add it to our project's on-line resource directory.

--Sohodojo Jim--