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What crops grow best in Grinnell?

I have been researching online about what crops grow best in the Grinnell and Fairfield areas (in regards to Timlynn's question relating to the Iowa Produce Market Potential Calculator). Though my online research has yielded no results, Jon Andelson sent me some good information in response to an e-mail:

"Among commodity crops, it's pretty clear than corn and soybeans grow best here (compared to wheat, for example, or rice). Corn can be for humans (sweet corn, popcorn), though that's a small part of what is grow here. Soybenas can, too (tofu, soy yogurt, etc.), though, again, that's a small part of what's grown here. On the other hand, wheat can be grown here just fine, as can barley, oats, rye, buckwheat, and other grains. It's just not as profitable as growing corn. Are you interested in crops that are biologically viable, economically viable, or both? Other major crop categories are tree crops (fruits and nuts) and produce (vegetables). And then melons of various kinds. Were you interested in one or another categories, or all of them? Most produce does pretty well. We're near the northern limit for peaches and grapes, but they ARE viable, both biologically and economically. Apples and pears tend to do pretty well. Let me know how/if you want to narrow your focus."