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Connecting "The World is Flat" with Sohodojo's mission

Having spent several hours over the last couple days reading content from the Sohodojo website, as well as the beginning of Thomas Friedman's "The World Is Flat," a connection between the two immediately becomes evident. Friedman argues that, in "Globalization 3.0" – from 2000 onwards – the global playing field is being leveled, and the game is increasingly being played by individual actors. Well, an important component of the "Small is Good" world is bringing individual actors to the forefront of economic decision-making. The more our world becomes global in the sense that individuals can and do make decisions, the more help we have in lighting the fuse for the Small is Good world. Furthermore, by increasing the importance of individuals in our global world, we gain support for the idea (which is stressed in Sohodojo blogging) that it is not scale that is most crucial in our efforts; rather, it is ideas – of individuals – that create change.