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National Agricultral Statistics Service

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The National Agricultural Statistics Service from the USDA has some census information on the counties we are interested in.

At this link:

one can simply enter the counties of interest and view all the data for those counties as a spreadsheet. This data includes number of farms in each county, size and value of each farm, harvested crops, inventory of livestock and poultry, etc.

I have compiled some of the more relevant statistics from each of our eight counties into an Excel spreadsheet. My database includes number of farms, total farmland, market value of all agricultural products sold, and net cash farm income. Using the data regarding total acreage in each county that I discussed in an earlier post, I added an additional column showing the percentage of total land in each county that is used as farmland.


Also, county profiles (reflecting the same information, but in a more readable and concise form) can be found on the National Agricultural Statistics Service website. The following links direct you to the County Profiles for each of the eight counties that concern us:

Marshall County:

Tama County:

Jasper County:

Poweshiek County:

Wapello County:

Jefferson County:

Davis County:

Van Buren County: