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We're up and running with the latest Drupal 4.7 CMS!

We've been building web sites for years using the Open Source Drupal Content Management System. This site is being built with version 4.7 of this modular and extensible CMS framework.

Every once in a while, a software framework goes through a significant update that makes things better for the future while throwing a compatability curve to the past. There are dozens and dozens of Drupal modules – pluggable code-sets that add useful functionality to the base system – that have evolved over the years of Drupal's development. The 4.7 release introduced some much-needed enhancements to the core functionality of Drupal. These changes meant most modules need to be updated for compatability.

Needless to say, such a ripple effect of significant changes can have its challenges. Sometimes it pays to not be on the bleeding edge, especially when it comes to creating and maintaining a public web site. So most of the sites Sohodojo has built for ourselves and our grassroots collaborators remain running on the venerable 4.6 generation of Drupal.

But time and progress march on. So we were very excited when Jelal Younes was awarded his funded intership by Grinnell College so he could work with Sohodojo this summer. This Local Food Economy Game project's web site is a perfect clean slate to begin using the latest 4.7 version of Drupal.

So far, it's been a thrill. Thankfully there is so much that is still familiary territory in terms of site creation and administration. What's different are mostly changes that are all for the better, especially module installation and management-wise.

The real differences are under the hood. I know I will have a lot of learning ahead of me when I start to writing code to the new Drupal APIs. But that is ahead of me. At the moment, I am thoroughly enjoying my Drupal 4.7 experience from a non-coding designer and admin perspective.

--Sohodojo Jim--