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Information about Grinnell Grocery Stores

This blog entry will contain an always-updated log of the information I have about Grinnell's four grocery stores: Hy-Vee Food Stores, McNally's, Fareway, and Super Wal*Mart:

From Wikipedia (

* Hy-Vee Food Stores - Located on the very far southern edge of town. There is no sidewalk or other way for bikers and pedestrians to get to Hy-Vee. Hy-Vee offers drive-up service upon request (you drive to the side of the store and they will load your car with your packages for you). Hy-Vee is open on Sundays.
* McNally's - This locally owned independent store is the most centrally located grocery store in town. It has the widest selection of gourmet food products as well as a large alcohol section. This store caters to the college crowd and to those looking for upscale or smaller-market products. McNally's has carry out boys and they will also deliver. McNally's is open on Sundays.
* Fareway - This store is slightly west, but still fairly centrally located.
* Super Wal*Mart - Opened in the Spring of 2006, the Super Wal*Mart is the only grocery store open 24 hours a day.

From my interviews at each store:

  • Hy-Vee Food Stores:
    • Number of employees: 120
    • Use locally-produced food? YES--under 2% of total goods
    • Most local food is obtained from truck farms
    • Hy-Vee store manager: Most people who sell locally produced food sell first at farmer's markets and out of the back of a truck. by the time they offer it to Hy-Vee, it has been in the back of a truck for one to two days.
  • McNally's:
    • Number of employees: 25
    • Use locally-produced food? YES--about 5% of total goods
  • Fareway:
    • Number of employees: 60
    • Use locally-produced food? NO
    • Fareway store manager: All food comes from warehouse in Boone, IA. Much of the food in the warehouse comes from within Iowa.
  • Super Wal*Mart:
    • Number of employees: 160
    • Use locally-produced food? NO
    • Wal*Mart manager: Wal-Mart does not sell locally produced food only because they have not been approached about it.