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An update on what I've been doing

  • Still trying to get a hold of The World is Flat. Seems to be permanently checked out at the college library...
  • Regarding our "problem" domain, I have been doing some research online on the local food economies of Grinnell and Fairfield. Not surprisingly, given the small size of the two towns, there is little information available on the internet; the two best articles I found are linked in my blog entry "Facts about local food."
  • I e-mailed Jon Andelson about setting up a time to meet with him; I hope to do that this week. When I meet with him, I'll try to get some biographical information that we can use on the website in introducing him as a potential collaborator.
  • As far as our "solution" domain, I am still digging through the available simulation platforms to find any that may work. I'm still messing around with PlatBox, but at this point there's not much I can do as there is no English version out yet. This seems to me to be the ideal platform for our project, so it really is a shame that it's not available in English. I'm also looking at Cormas and RePast; these programs, however, require programming to make use of, so it will require extensive work to create our models. Not sure if I should put in the time to learn how to operate these programs...


Before you meet with Jon Andelson, (or any potential collaborator or stakeholder for that matter) you need to ground yourself in who they are and what they are doing, how it relates to what you are doing ....and how that person might be able to answer key questions you have, based on their own experience.

Please investigate Professor Andelson's background interest and work on local food economies and develop a focus for the meeting you are hoping to have with him. Post all of your background research here and the questions you want to explore with him when you see him.