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AgentSheets Modeling Software

Right now, I'm playing with the program AgentSheets ( as a candidate for our simulation platform. AgentSheets is an "actor-based simulation-authoring tool that lets users create their own interactive simulations and games." Unlike most other programs that I've examined (RePast, Ascape), AgentSheets requires no prerequisite programming language; however, it remains to be seeing whether AgentSheets, given that it doesn't make use of a complex programming language, has the capability to express all the information and dynamics that we need.


AgentSheets is too simplistic for our needs; it does not allow for the complexity of interactions between actions that we require. I am now looking at Cormas, to see if that would be a feasible platform. I am sure we will find a program with the right balance of simplicity in the programming required, and complexity in the interactions it allows.

There is an interesting program located here:

The program is simplistic, using "food" and "gold" as the only two commodities. Actors are very limited in their actions, and allotment of each good is random. However, it is worth checking out, as it models what we are trying to do--only in a more simplistic manner.

A detailed description of the model is presented in a paper by Ken Steiglitz, Michael Honig, and Leonard Cohen, located at: