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(Association) Who's In Charge?

association: Who's In Charge?

public association Who's In Charge?
Author: Jim Salmons
Project: Phase: 1.0; Status: Proposed;
Dates: Created: 8/5/2006 2:08:46 PM; Modified: 8/6/2006 10:38:10 AM;
Flags: Multiplicity: ; Active: false;
UUID: {F700B1F8-45DE-47b3-9164-2EF3561DF9F6}
The (abstract) Association between Persons and Agents is that the Agent can be EITHER a SUBSTITUTE for a Person, or it can be an AGENT working on behalf of a Person.

As a substitute for a Person, an agent can animate the Actor of Role Activities. Having non-human Agents to animate (give life to) Actors or Roles is essential in an agent-based simulation. We need to be able to populate the simulated world with a representative number of Actors without requiring the each one be "run" by an interactive Person/User.

As a proxy for a Person, an Agent is a programmatic "interaction automation" mechanism. In this context, a Person/User may parameterize an Agent to act on his/her behalf within certain limits. In this context, we have to avoid the "Schizoid Effect" of having more than one controller for an Actor. (See constraints.)

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See also: Person, Agent, Actor

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Who's In Charge? Constraint
Constraint Type Status Detail
An Actor cannot be "animated" (controlled by) both a Person and an Agent. Only ONE of these "drivers" can be determining an Actor's Role Actiivity. Invariant Approved