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public class: Person
Author: Jim Salmons
Project: Phase: 1.0; Status: Proposed; Version: 1.0; Complexity: 1
Dates: Created: 8/5/2006 1:12:41 PM; Modified: 8/6/2006 1:34:31 PM;
Flags: Active: false; IsRoot: false; IsLeaf: false;
Extension Points:
UUID: {4E1954A5-478D-4e24-B915-ADA8BA5283B1}
A Person is both the Real World, flesh and blood, classic software system "User" of the LFEGame exploratory learning environment. But he/she is also represnted in the "Silicon World" realm as a proxy object that represents that User on "the other side of the glass."

A Real World Person/User will interact with the LEFGame model by using an Internet browser to view the a running instance of the model, think about his/her interactions, then use the keyboard and mouse to interact/participate with the simulation.

As a software proxy object, the Person is a rather minimal "placeholder" object. Its attributes are limited to such personally identifiable things as Name, Age, Address at a minimum.

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Implements: Organization

See also: Who's In Charge?, Organization, Agent

Appears in: Logical View

Custom Properties
    Person Constraint
    Constraint Type Status Detail
    Person objects are minimalist Invariant Approved Do not model the Person with attributes beyond the minimal ones that provide identity. A Person "is/does" in the world (Real and simulated) as a Actor of Roles.