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A couple more quotes from "Field that Dream"

As an additional to my earlier post about Jenny Kurzweil's "Fields That Dream," here are some facts about local foods and farmers' markets from her book:

  • In a recent survey, 19,000 farmers reported selling their produce only at farmers' markets.
  • Shoppers spent $584.6 billion for food produced in the United States in 1998, with farmers earning only a 20 percent share of the food dollar.

And a quote from the epilogue of "Fields that Dream:"

We, the consumers, are essential in supporting [local] farmers and markets. We can truly be part of the movement that supports sustainable and locally grown food. In a world where we often feel helpless and overwhelmed, remember that ultimately, we hold the power, for in a market economy it is the consumers who have the final say. As the Chef's Collaborative from Boston proclaims, "Vote with your fork for a sustainable future."