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Agent-Based Simulation Application: The US Air Force

SEAS, the US Air Force's "Multi-Agent Theater Operations Simulation," is a further example of the broad ranges of uses for agent-based simulation. According to the SEAS website:

The System Effectiveness Analysis Simulation (SEAS) is a government-owned, military utility analysis tool sponsored by Air Force Space Command, Space and Missile Systems Center, Directorate of Developmental Planning (SMC/XD). SEAS has been in development for over 10 years and was designed specifically to give military operations research analysts and decision makers a flexible means to quickly explore new warfighting capabilities; in particular, those provided by Space and C4ISR systems.

SEAS represents the latest in analytic simulation technology and offers a powerful agent-based modeling and simulation environment in which small-to large-scale joint warfighting scenarios can be constructed and explored to quantify the effectiveness of various system designs, architectures, and concept of operations (CONOPS). The ability to represent networked military units and platforms reacting and adapting to perception-based scenario dynamics in a 3-D physics-based Battlespace, makes SEAS ideally suited for exploring effects-based operations, network centric warfare, and transformational warfighting concepts.